RTD 2020 Election Endorsements of Doug Tisdale

(f) = former

Chair(f) David STACKROW, American Public Transportation Association


Director Bob BROOM, RTD Board

Director Vince BUZEK, RTD Board

Director Peggy CATLIN, RTD Board

Director Jeff WALKER, RTD Board

Director Claudia FOLSKA, RTD Board

Director Kate WILLIAMS, RTD Board

Director Judy LUBOW, RTD Board

Director Shelley COOK, RTD Board

Director Troy WHITMORE, RTD Board

Director Lynn GUISSINGER, RTD Board

Director Ken MIHALIK, RTD Board

Chair(f) Tom TOBIASSEN, RTD Board

Chair(f) Lee KEMP, RTD Board

Chair(f) Chuck SISK, RTD Board

Chair(f) Lorraine ANDERSON, RTD Board

Director(f) Kent BAGLEY, RTD Board

Director(f) Tina FRANCONE, RTD Board

General Manager(f) Dave GENOVA, RTD

Sen. Jeff BRIDGES, Colorado General Assembly

Commissioner Bill HOLEN, Arapahoe County

Mayor Stephanie PIKO, Centennial

Councilor Kathy TURLEY, Centennial

Councilor Tammy MAURER, Centennial

Councilor Candace MOON, Centennial

Councilor(f) Vorry MOON, Centennial

Mayor(f) Cathy NOON, Centennial

Director Ken LUCAS, South Suburban Parks & Rec District

Mayor Russell STEWART, Cherry Hills Village

Mayor(f) Laura CHRISTMAN, Cherry Hills Village

Councilor Katy BROWN, Cherry Hills Village

Councilor Al BLUM, Cherry Hills Village

Councilor Randy WEIL, Cherry Hills Village

Councilor(f) Klasina VANDERWERF, Cherry Hills Village

Rep./Mayor(f) Richard CHAMPION, Columbine Valley

Councilor Kendra BLACK, Denver

Councilor(f) Chris NEVITT, Denver

Mayor(f) Ron RAKOWSKY, Greenwood Village

Councilor Wynne SHAW, Lone Tree

Mayor Nick ANGELO, Lyons

Mayor(f) Dallas HALL, Sheridan

Sen.(f)/Mayor(f) Joe RICE, Glendale

Film Commissioner Don ZUCKERMAN, Colo. Office of Film, TV & Media

I have worked with Doug Tisdale for the last two years as a member of the RTD Board of Directors. Director Tisdale has always provided clear leadership and collaboration. We need his voice on the board!

Angie Rivera-Malpiede, RTD Board Chair

Having served on the Centennial City Council for the past eight years and recently elected to the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District, I have had many occasions to work with Mr. Tisdale over the years; IMO he is smart, thoughtful, and responsive to his constituents. I highly recommend him for the RTD Board.

Ken Lucas, South Suburban Commissioner and former Centennial Councilor

Honored to endorse your candidacy.

Richard Champion, State Senator and former Columbine Valley Mayor

You have my full support. You need to win!

Tom Tobiassen, former RTD Board Chair

You are an outstanding Director.

Judy Lubow, RTD Board Director

I know what an asset you have been as RTD Director for District H.

Klasina VanDerWerf, former Cherry Hills Village Councilor

“Great satisfaction to endorse Douglas Tisdale. His experience is unmatched in this election. It was a distinct honor to serve with Doug on the DRCOG Board. He taught me to have respect, strive for a consensus and most importantly to listen. Vote for Doug. You will continue to experience the dedication, perseverance, aptitude and results Doug has brought to every position he has held throughout his career.”

Nick Angelo, Mayor, Town of Lyons